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The great book v. movie debate

'm on a big book/movie kick - my final book last year was "The World According to Garp", which I blogged already after watching the movie. In that case, the book was so larger than life and fanciful that I liked that the movie made it real. Until I saw Glenn Close, John Lithgow and Robin Williams play those characters, I could not understand how they existed.

I am just starting book #4/50 ("Everything is Illuminated"), having seen the movie over winter break (I'm a teacher). In this case, I find that while I'm reading, I am hearing the heavy accent of the movie's narrator - for me, there will only ever be one narrator.

But I just finished "The Cider House Rules" late last night, (#3/50) and I watched the DVD today, and I have to say that in this case, the movie did some things I didn't like to the book. The book is the simple story of an 1940s obstetrician who does abortions and runs an orphanage of babies whose unwed mothers give them up. The book's main character, a young orphan who heads out in the world to try to escape his fate of needing to take over the orphanage and run it, falls in love with a rich girl whose fiance is off at war, and the rest is history. What I didn't like about the movie was that it compressed the story into a few years - two, three at most - and it seemed so insignificant compared to the long period of time over which the book takes place. Maybe it's my youth, but I think an epic takes a while to happen. One should not just rush through something for the sake of Hollywood.

Anyhow, "The Cider House Rules" by John Irving is highly recommended.

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